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Permanent Lighting
To Brighten Up Every Season

Schedule Now To Get Up To $500 Off

Central Florida Trimlight is your go-to company for permanent programmable lighting for your home.  Have our team of professionals install these lights once and then choose from millions of color combinations to suit any holiday, occasion, sports team, or anything else.

We’re offering up to $500 so take advantage of it now and request your free no-obligation estimate.  In many cases we can even get you an estimate remotely!

best recessed downlights

Create the perfect setting for those special moments.

Any Color, Any Season, Any Day.

Light up your home to really make it feel special no matter what season it is.  You have full control of colors, patterns, timers and more.  It’s time to showcase your home like never before.

Plus we include a lifetime warranty so you know you’re covered in the future too!

Get the Best Permanent Lighting System Available!

To top it all off, Trimlight’s Permanent Lighting System is hardly visible during the day. They are easily customizable, and controlled at the touch of a button on your smart device. So, whether it’s birthdays, showers, holidays, or any special event, trust Trimlight to make your life brighter!

Plus our Trimlight community group on Facebook offers lots of great color schemes, patterns, and ideas from all over the world!

Trimlight Permanent Outdoor Programmable Lighting System app display.

Ease of Use

Power in Hand

With our permanent residential outdoor programmable holiday lighting system, you have the power to program millions of colors and animations. Because there’s so many options, we’ve provided over 180 preset programs for ease of use. Customize patterns for any event, and plan ahead with a built in calendar and timer functions.

Done the Right Way

Having professional crews with years of experience is important. The initial setup after installation will leave you feeling confident and ready to roll with your new permanent programmable outdoor lighting system. You’ll receive complete training of the user friendly app, and be offered full support before, during and after purchase.

Feel Safe & Efficient

An outdoor holiday lighting system provides bright security lighting year-round. Long gone are the days of ladders and slippery roofs to climb during the holidays putting up Christmas lights. The system uses the highest quality diodes (50,000 hours), designed to last for decades, and highly energy efficient.

No Worries

Trimlight’s permanent holiday lighting system is designed to last for decades and tested to withstands all adverse weather conditions. You can have peace of mind with a 100% Lifetime Product Warranty.
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