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Increase Your Home’s Value with Permanent Programmable Outdoor Lighting


Selling a home in today’s market is no easy task and you need all the leverage you can get.  Increasing your home’s value can give you more bang for your buck and help it sell quicker.  There are many advantages to improving the various creature comforts your home has to offer and certain improvements can even produce a hefty return on your investment.  Whether you’re looking to put your home on the market or refinance down the road, permanent programmable outdoor lighting makes good sense.

Immediate ImprovementsYour home is one of your biggest investments and making the right improvements will get you a better return.  According to the National Association of Home Builders, outside lighting is one of the most coveted exterior features of a home.  Properly lighting the exterior of your home can improve its curb appeal, highlight important architectural features, and make your home more attractive to buyers.

The right permanent programmable outdoor lighting system can also increase the safety and usability of your outdoor features.  Porches, yards, and gazebos will no longer be subject to the limitations of daylight. You’ll enjoy these areas well into the evening with more than just a measly porch light to provide visibility.  The right outdoor lighting system can even function as a safety feature to deter nighttime intruders.

Exclusivity and SimplicityExterior lighting isn’t new but permanent programmable outdoor lighting is a major upgrade to most homes.  They are professionally installed to look great and last decades without the need to constantly change bulbs.  The cutting-edge technology allows you to easily customize colors and patterns for different events, including holidays.  This means no more climbing up ladders or scurrying over rooftops to hang Christmas lights.  Since they never have to come down, you’ll always be prepared for the holidays.

A professionally installed permanent programmable outdoor lighting system is a unique feature that can make your home more attractive to active buyers.  Aside from a return on investment, this type of system can increase your home’s perceived value.  The perceived value of your home is how well it meets the particular needs of individual buyers.  They are willing to pay for features that provide safety, security, convenience, and comfort.

Made for Life’s Moments

Outdoor lighting isn’t just for the holidays.  It’s made to improve the experiences that make up life’s most important moments.  Permanent programmable outdoor lighting is a unique way to improve the quality of those moments and create a more secure outdoor setting.  Having the right system professionally installed will do both.  Central Florida Trimlight is comprised of the most experienced professionals in the industry installing our patented innovative lighting system to improve the exterior of your home.  Contact us today to see how we can help you increase both the appraised and perceived value of your home with a permanent programmable outdoor lighting system.

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